TATWEERI is a program designed to foster and enhance skills of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Executives, Managers and Team Leaders, aiming to steepen the learning curve, allowing these individuals to expand their market reach as well as increase the quality of the products and services their companies have, to offer.

These individuals should never cease learning. The more they learn the more they enable their company’s capabilities. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, increase awareness of their offerings, understand their surroundings, engage with customers, make the right decisions, build and allocate resources, communicate and increase their overall turnover.


The program drives the process of rapid improvement. Individuals will be trained predominantly on the strengths of their overall competence and background, giving them a leading edge by

  • Enhancing their skills to contribute towards the growth and development of their businesses.
  • Changing their thought process, for better input and management.
  • Helping them lead their team to strive for success.
  • Improving overall business ethics.
  • Helping them understand decisions to make, collate and take.
  • Aiding in managing the financial aspect of their businesses.
  • Networking themselves among other business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, executives, managers, and team leaders.